Aircraft and Avionics Sales Inc.

Repair Station # 13AR318B


Aircraft and Avionics Hangar - West End of Field

Located on the field of Capitol City Airport (KCXY), Aircraft and Avionics Sales Inc is a new avionics shop. Paul Haubert of New Cumberland, who owned an FBO at Capitol City Airport in the 1970ís , has started his own avionics shop. Operating under repair station number 13AR318B his son Wayne Haubert with twenty five years experience is the avionics manager, and Travis Rife with eight years experience is the inspector/lead technician.

Aircraft and Avionics Sales Inc. is prepared to give you the best service, products, and quality work. We Repair old radios, install new ones, repair aircraft electrical squawks, perform the checks required by F.A.R. 91.411 and 91.413, and so much more.

Aircraft and Avionics Sales Inc. Has experience and training that start from the most simple COM/NAV systems to integrated systems such as Avidyne Entegra and Garmin G-1000. We are FAA radio class 1 and 2 rated with a limited 3 rating. We are also members of the AEA.

The hangar is on the west end of the field.

To contact us:

106A Airport Road
Capital City Airport
New Cumberland, PA 17070

AMP Hangar

Phone: (717) 774-7533
Fax: (717) 774-2448